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Fabric Care: Premium Laundry & Dry-Clean Services

At Serba Antik, we offer high-quality laundry and dry-cleaning services for all types of fabric-based items. Our skilled professionals use industry-approved products and advanced techniques to remove stains without causing any damage to your fabrics. We strongly believe in building a collaborative relationship with our clients and providing them with the best practices to maintain the longevity of their fabrics. In case of any concern, our team is always available and ready to guide you through any queries you may have.


Step 1: Contact us at 0818184545 for queries regarding our laundry and dry-cleaning services. 


Step 2: Our team will survey your location, assessing the curtains and determining the necessary laundry process and pricing.


Step 3: Our in-house team will carefully remove the curtains and transport them to our facility for cleaning.


Step 4: We provide specialized care for different fabric types, ensuring safe stain removal with industry-approved products and advanced techniques.

Step 5: Once cleaned, our team will return the curtains to your location, install them, and steam them, restoring them to a pristine condition.