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Why do I need curtains for my doors and windows?

Bare door and windows look incomplete. Dressing them up with curtains can do a lot to enhance the appearance and give a much desired flavor to your house in terms of interior design. With curtains, you can control the amount of light that enters every room, limit the outside noise, and have privacy in your house.

 Should I add lining to my curtains?

 Curtains made with heavy fabrics like velvet hang well without lining and should not be lined as it becomes really difficult to clean them with all the weight. But for lighter fabrics, it’s recommended that you add lining to them so that they retain shape while hanging.

 What types of different lining are available? 

  • Polyester lining is light weighted, strong, and cost efficient. It is resistant to shrinking, creases or mildew and can be machine washed.
  • Blackout Lining is an opaque fabric used to block the sunlight to keep the room dark. It provides moderate insulation by insulating the windows.
  • Blackout lining with interlining is more efficient in blocking the outside light because of an extra layer of interlining that hangs between the curtain and the lining. It provides thermal insulation and blocks the outside noise.

What are the different types of curtain heading style?

Some of the commonly used curtain heading styles are as follows:

  • Pinch-pleated curtains: Traditional drapes where three folds are pinched together form a pleat at the top; require more fabric due to more number of pleats.
  • Classic tab curtains: Drapes hang from the flat loops created with the same fabric as the curtain; more casual in appearance.
  • Flat panel curtains: Stitched by boarding the fabric for all the edges and suspended with clip- on rings.
  • Inverted pleat: Has pleats on backside, hidden behind the flat front. Well suited for modern homes.
  • Eyelet curtains: Has metal holes at the top of curtain heading, making it easy to hang heavy fabric.
  • Ripple fold curtain: The fabric forms smooth curves due to equally spaced holders; giving it a clean look.

What fabrics are generally used for curtains?

The following fabrics are commonly used for curtains:

  • Cotton: Light weight soft affordable fabric that can breathe.
  • Linen: Natural fabric lighter and more durable than cotton. Breathable and retains shape.
  • Silk: Rich, luxurious, and strongest natural fabric. Absorbs moisture well and dries quickly.
  • Cotton Linen: Blend of cotton and linen; stronger than cotton and cheaper than linen.
  • Polycotton: Blend of cotton and polyester; highly durable, breathable and wrinkle resistant.
  • Polyspun: Man-made fabric created from polyster fibres; hangs well and is breathable like cotton.
  • Viscose: Made from wood pulp; gives a luxurious glossy look like silk at a cheaper price.
  • Polyviscose: Blend of polyester and viscose; has the durability of polyester and silky texture of viscose.
  • Cotton Viscose: Blend of cotton and viscose, durable, breathable and soft

Care instructions for curtains

People who consider curtains as permanent part of the window, often end up neglecting them. They are so used to seeing the drapes naturally hanging in the room that it does not occur to them that curtains could be removed and cleaned too! Curtains often get dirty faster than most people anticipate. They absorb the dirt and dampness from outside and withstand the dust that settles on them from fans and ceiling. Therefore, it is utterly important to clean the curtains.

The care instructions of curtains generally depend on their fabric. At times, you can brush the heavy fabrics and vacuum them to get rid of the dust. However, before you send them off for dry cleaning, ensure that you remove all the hardware components including the clip-ons or rings. In case of eyelet curtains, the eyelets are not removable and should be left as it is.

Dusting the curtains

Dry cleaning curtains weekly is not practically possible especially if they are made of heavy fabrics. But you can dust them frequently as you dust other areas of your house. And for dusting, it is best if you leave them hanging. Start from the top of the curtains with the help of a soft brush and work your way through the folds and hems. Alternatively, you can also vacuum the curtains to get rid of the dust faster. And while you are at it dust it from both the sides!

Dry cleaning the curtains

Dry cleaning is expensive yet it is the safest and surest way to clean the lovely drapes that decorate your home. Dry cleaning makes that the color of your curtains would last. The thumb rule is to dry clean any fabric that bleeds color or has delicate pleats. Besides, it is best to get fabrics like silk, rayon, and viscose dry cleaned. And give expensive fabrics to prominent dry cleaners so as to be sure that they will take care of your fabric. If you need to iron your curtains, steam iron at mild head is the best bet for any fabric.

Q. Do I need to make payment upfront?

Yes, you need to pay the entire amount upfront because the customized curtains are stitched and delivered against your order.

Q. How do I make payment for the curtains, Fabric or Cushion?

You need to make online payment for the curtains, Fabric or Cushion when you place the order.

for more understanding see our Tutorial video

Q. Do you have a physical store where I can see the curtains before I buy them?

Our Showroom address and working timings are mentioned in our website. You are most welcome to our showroom to feel the fabric in the comfort of your home.

Q. How long will it take to deliver the curtains?

We take 10 to 14 business days to ship your order from the factory because every curtain needs to be stitched and customized as per the order. The delivery time will depend on your location. However, in rare scenarios it may take us 21 days to ship the order if the stock is not readily available.

Q. Can I return the curtains after delivery if I do not like them?

Since curtains are made to order, we won't be able to accept returns or exchanges on the curtains. In the unlikely event if any manufacturing defects are found, please email us with the photographs of the defects within 2 business days of the delivery. We will replace the defective curtains with new ones of the same kind. Please ensure that the curtains are unused and all the tags and labels are intact if the curtains need to be replaced.

Q. How do I report the manufacturing defects in the curtains delivered to me?

Please write to us at wecare@serbaantik.com with details like order ID within 2 business days of the delivery. Also, attach the photographs of the defected curtain, it enables us to process the replacements faster.

Q. What should I check when the curtain is delivered?

You should ensure that the fabric of the curtain and size of the curtain is same as you ordered. Also ensure that the fabric is well-stitched and does not have any stains or holes. However, please be informed that there may be slight variation in size (up to 0.5 inches). The color of the fabric may also slightly vary from dye lot to dye lot.

Q. Do you perform the installation of the curtains, rods, and other accessories?

It is very easy for you to hang our stitched and customized curtains if the curtain rod is already mounted. If the curtain rod is not mounted, you can get it installed from a local carpenter. There is no customization involved for the same. We will send the printed instructions to mount the curtain rod. However, we only deliver the curtains, rods, and other accessories at the moment.

Q. The height of the delivered curtains is longer than required. How can I get it altered?

We support the alterations to reduce the length of the curtains. The alterations to increase the length is limited up to 1.5 inches. The alteration service can be availed only once after the delivery. However, you need to courier it to us and bear any charges incurred on the courier.

Q. What should I do if the dimensions of the curtain delivered to me vary from what I ordered?

Please get in touch with us within the 2 business days of getting the delivery. We will replace your curtains with the size you ordered. However, please be informed that slight variation up to 0.5 inch will not be considered for replacement.

Q. What if you do not have the fabric that I ordered in stock?

In the unlikely event, if the fabric that you ordered is not in stock, you can either get a full refund or choose another fabric from our website. We will send fabric samples to your place for free.

Q. Can I choose a different lining for the curtain?

Sure, you can. We provide polyester lining and blackout lining. Polyester lining is light weighted, strong, and cost efficient. Blackout Lining is used to block the sunlight to keep the room dark. Blackout lining also comes with an interlining that is more efficient in blocking the outside light and noise.

Q. Can I provide my own fabric to get the curtains stitched?

At this point, we are unable to work with the fabrics provided by customers. However, we are confident that you will find the fabric of your choice on our website.

Q. What is the standard height of the curtain?

The standard height of the curtain comes in three sizes:

Window curtains: 60 inches or 5 feet

Door curtains: 84 inches or 7 feet

Long door curtain: 108 inches or 9

Q. What does the price of the curtain displayed on the website include?

The price of the curtain is inclusive of stitching, delivery and taxes.

Q. What does the price of the Fabrics and Cushion displayed on the website include?

The price of the Fabric and cushion is inclusive of delivery and taxes.